GEIA Highlights at 2016 IGAC Conference

Dear GEIA Community,

The recent IGAC Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA brought together nearly 500 participants from around the world to talk about the latest research in atmospheric chemistry. See for the conference program, abstracts and a list of participants.

The IGAC Conference provided an opportunity for the GEIA community to discuss and assess progress and to initiate new activities. We wanted to share some of these highlights with you.

  • GEIA was reviewed by the IGAC Scientific Steering Committee (SCC) during their annual meeting, held just before the start of the conference. The IGAC SSC continues to be very pleased with GEIA’s efforts to increase access to emissions information, improve the scientific basis of emission, and support the international emissions community.
  • A GEIA Town Hall meeting was held to share the latest developments about GEIA and to receive feedback from conference participants. Get an overview of GEIA from the Town Hall.
  • The new ECCAD portal, GEIA’s emissions database, was demonstrated at the Town Hall. The new portal is publicly available at We encourage you to register on ECCAD and explore the datasets and new features that are now available.
  • The GEIA Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compound (NMVOC) Emissions Working Group held a meeting to discuss its first activity, a review of NMVOC speciation and source sector contributions. The review will examine existing analyses comparing inventory emission ratios of NMVOCs to CO to measured ratios of these species in urban areas around the globe. More details of this activity can be found in this summary.
  • IGAC and GEIA are proposing to organize an assessment of emissions quantification using inverse modeling techniques. A meeting was held immediately following the IGAC conference to gauge interest within the atmospheric chemistry community and to begin discussing the scope and possible next steps for this activity. This assessment is still at the initial planning stages. Anyone interested in this activity should email Claire Granier ( or Greg Frost ( in order to be added to the contact list.

Lastly, we want to remind you that the 18th GEIA Conference will be held 13-15 September 2017 at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Please save the date. A call for abstracts is coming soon!



The GEIA Executive Committee