Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) Project Updates

The paper describing the CEDS data release for CMIP6 has been published in GMD.

Hoesly et al, Historical (1750–2014) anthropogenic emissions of reactive gases and aerosols from the Community Emissions Data System (CEDS). Geosci. Model Dev. 11, 369-408, 2018.

Note that emissions by country and sector are available in the zip file attachment to the paper. The pdf figures supplement also contains a large number of diagnostic figures.

The project gitHub site is also now available:

At this time the site contains documentation and issues tracking.

Documentation is in the wiki section of the github site. The "CEDS Data and Assumptions” section of the wiki is a continuously updated version of the information published as the methods supplement of the journal paper.

The Issues tracking section of the gitHub site lists issues found in the current release data. Anyone can also submit an issue as well. For further information see the gitHub link above.

The CEDS team is working now to complete some work on the code and aim to release the entire system on gitHub soon. We will then start working on updating the time series to 2016.
For more information, please contact Steve Smith ssmith@PNNL.GOV