2014 NEI Report Now Available

New Interactive 2014 NEI Report. This new web product allows you to explore the 2014 National Emissions Inventory Version 2 data released in February 2018. The link above will take you to the report.

The 2014 NEI Report is a highly visual and interactive tool with graphs, tables, and maps that summarize national and state emission trends and emission profiles for states and counties based on the 2014 NEI v2 data. With this tool, users can explore the emissions data and answer basic questions about the NEI and emission trends by looking at what the data shows for national, state, and local areas. 

 The Report distills the large NEI database to provide emissions summaries and graphics for the criteria pollutants, black carbon, and 5 select HAPs. It is not a query tool for accessing all details of the entire 2014 NEI data. NEI data access query tools and detailed data files remain available on a newly arranged NEI Program Website.
Please share this news with your colleagues and others interested in the NEI data. If you have questions about the 2014 NEI Report, or need help using this new tool, please contact Lee Tooly,
Internet Browser tip: The Report works well with most browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Edge; but not for Internet Explorer though configuration of the IE compatibility mode may help.
Questions about the NEI data? NEI points of contact