GEIA Sessions at AGU 2021

Brian McDonald Co-Chair

"Global Challenges for Quantifying Air Pollutant and Greenhouse Gas Emissions"


Oral Session I:


GC44D-01Using Ambient Observations to Evaluate Emissions Estimates.Russell R Dickerson
GC44D-02A new method for inferring city emissions and lifetimes of nitrogen oxides from high-resolution nitrogen dioxide observations: A model studyFei Liu
GC44D-03Exploring differences in sector wise FFCO2 emissions from the Vulcan product and the EPA GHG inventory in the U.S.Anna Kato
GC44D-05Assimilating remote sensing NO2 observations with WRF-Chem/DART for constraining NOx emissions and improving air quality forecasting over ColoradoChia-Hua Hsu
GC44D-06How well can inverse analyses of high-resolution satellite data resolve heterogenous methane fluxes?Xueying Yu
GC44D-07Analysis of Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Onroad SourcesHenry Bowman
GC44D-08Underreporting and Open Burning – The Two Largest Challenges for Sustainable Waste Management in India.Pooja Chaudhary
Poster Session:
GC45Q-01Investigating methane emissions variability in Washington DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas using atmospheric observationsAnna Karion

GC45Q-02Analysis of the trends in ambient methane in the Baltimore-Washington region and comparison to model outputs and WetCHARTs wetland emissions.Sayantan Sahu
GC45Q-03Network Design for a Cost-Effective Atmospheric Methane Measurement Network over IndiaEldho Elias
GC45Q-04The Impact of Measurement Methods and Interpretation of Data on Estimates of Methane Emissions from Manure LagoonsRanga Rajan Thiruvenkatachari
GC45Q-05A Comparison of Methane Fluxes in Short- Versus Long-hydroperiod Freshwater Marsh in the Florida EvergladesZhuoran Yu
GC45Q-06Using WRF-Chem Model Simulations to Forecast Successful CH4 Mass Balance Flights in IndianapolisNikolay Balashov
GC45Q-07Ambient concentrations and source identification of methane and non-methane hydrocarbons in Eastern MediterraneanEmeric Germain-Piaulenne
GC45Q-08An exploration of the discrepancy between observations and atmospheric ethane emission inventories: underestimations in key source emission categoriesJordan Aljbour

GC45Q-09Analysis of the seasonal and inter-annual variations of CO2 emission over Paris based on 3.5-year atmospheric inversionJinghui Lian

GC45Q-10Assessing vehicle fuel efficiency using a dense network of CO2 observationsHelen Fitzmaurice
GC45Q-11Observational inferences of anthropogenic and biogenic CO2 emissions in San Francisco Bay AreaJinsol Kim
GC45Q-12Atmosphere-based US emission estimates of sulfur hexafluorideLei Hu
GC45Q-14Climate TRACE - Tracking Real time Atmospheric Carbon Emissions: Making greenhouse gases emissions visible through remote sensing and artificial intelligenceAaron Davitt

GC45Q-15How Atmospheric Transport Uncertainty in Chemical Transport Models affect our Understanding and Quantification of the Global Carbon CycleAndrew E Schuh
GC45Q-16Reconstructing 21st century NO2 emissions at global scale combining a mass-conserving top-down approach, multiple measurements, and modelsShuo Wang