17th GEIA Conference Program and Presentations

Wednesday 18 November 2015

7:30 8:30 Registration    



Welcome Session


8:30 8:35 Welcome by Organizing Committee   Paulette Middleton
8:35 8:40 Welcome by Tsinghua University   Jiming Hao
8:40 8:55 Overview of GEIA and the Conference   Greg Frost



Megacities, Oral Session 1

  Chairs: Leonor Tarrasón, Yuxuan Wang, Hugo Denier van der Gon
8:55 9:00 Theme Introduction: Megacities   Session Chairs
9:00 9:10 Direct Influence of China’s Urbanization on Emissions from Residential, Commercial, and Transportation Sectors   Shu Tao
9:10 9:15 VOCs spatial distribution, source apportionment and emission sources impact implication in an urban area in Yangtze River Delta   Jie Zhang
9:15 9:20 Atmospheric Pollution and its Emission Sources in the Southeast Asian Mega city, Dhaka- Bangladesh   Abdus Salam
9:20 9:25 Top-down Estimates of Combustion Characteristics Over Megacities   Avelino Arellano
9:25 9:30 Environmental Governance in the Central Mexico Megalopolis   Beatriz Cardenas
9:30 9:45 Session discussion    
9:45 10:15 Break    



Megacities, Oral Session 2

  Chairs: Leonor Tarrasón, Yuxuan Wang, Hugo Denier van der Gon
10:15 10:25 Estimation of anthropogenic CO2 emissions from OMI NO2 observations using chemistry transport modelling over Europe   Hugo Denier van der Gon
10:25 10:30 Long-Term Air Quality Modeling of the Los Angeles Basin   Brian McDonald
10:30 10:35 How TexAQS 2000 field campaign measurements identified critical emissions of ozone precursors in Houston, Texas, and resulted in effective ozone control strategies   Mark Estes
10:35 10:40 Spatial and temporal dynamics of atmospheric pollutants in London, UK   Carole Helfter (Presented by Ute Skiba)
10:40 10:55 Session discussion    
10:55 11:05 Poster Presenter Introductions: Megacities    



Megacities, Poster Session

  Chairs: Leonor Tarrasón, Yuxuan Wang, Hugo Denier van der Gon
    African anthropogenic combustion emission inventory:
specificities and uncertainties
  Sekou Keita
    Direct energy consumption associated emissions by rural-to-urban migrants in Beijing    Shu Tao
    Towards multi-scale mapping of human carbon dioxide emissions from megacity Osaka, Japan   Yutaka Mori
    Impact of Land Cover and Land Use Change on Surface Ozone    Yi Zhang
    Quantitative Assessment of Vehicles Emissions through Dynamic and Conventional Emission factors approach   Dhirendra Mishra
    Source Sector Contributions to Aerosol Levels in Pakistan   Muhammad Zeeshaan Shahid (Presented by Imran Shahid)
    Impacts Of Emissions From Havana's Stationary Sources   Osvaldo Cuesta-Santos
    Source attribution of particulate matter in Chinese cities    Hugo Denier van der Gon
    NOx emission estimates during the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing   Jieying Ding
    Effects of Urbanization and Industrialization on Tropospheric NO2 variations over Western China    Yuanzheng Cui
    Operational air quality forecasting system development in Hubei, China    Li Liu
12:20 13:35 Lunch    



Inventories and Trends, Oral Session 1

  Chairs: Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Zbigniew Klimont, Terry Keating
13:35 13:40 Theme Introduction: Inventories and Trends   Session Chairs
13:40 13:50 Anthropogenic emissions from 1970 to 2010   Claire Granier (Presented by Thierno Doumbia)
13:50 13:55 Challenges when downscaling the global EDGAR 4.3 emission inventory of CO2 to urban scale   Greet Janssens-Maenhout
13:55 14:00 Global methane budget and natural gas leakage based on long-term δ13CH4 measurements and updated isotopic source signatures   Stefan Schwietzke
14:00 14:05 Fire emission estimation with the Global Fire Assimilation System, GFAS: Indonesia 2015   Johannes Kaiser
14:05 14:10 Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) - New Historical Emissions for Aerosol and Chemistry Research   Steven Smith
14:10 14:25 Session discussion    



Inventories and Trends, Oral Session 2

  Chairs: Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Zbigniew Klimont, Terry Keating
14:25 14:35 Multi-resolution Emission Inventory for China (MEIC): model framework and 1990-2010 anthropogenic emissions   Kebin He
14:35 14:40 Characteristics Of Emissions Of Air Pollutants From China's Cement Industry: Historical Trends And Prospects   Yu Lei
14:40 14:45 High-resolution ammonia emissions inventories in China from 1980-2012   Yu Song (Presented by Liu Mingxu)
14:45 14:50 Multi-scale Emission Inventory of Toxic Heavy Metals (MEITHM) from Anthropogenic Activities   Hezhong Tian
14:50 14:55 Insights from a bottom-up approach to estimate shipping emissions and design mitigation measures   Susana López-Aparicio
14:55 15:10 Session discussion    
15:10 15:40 Break    



Inventories and Trends, Oral Session 3

  Chairs: Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Zbigniew Klimont, Terry Keating
15:40 15:45 Development of the Comprehensive Regional Emissions inventory for Atmospheric Transport Experiment (CREATE) in support of the Multiple Aircraft Filed Campaigns over East Asia   Jung-Hun Woo (Presented by Ki-Chul Choi)
15:45 15:50 Rising critical emission from emerging sectors in India   Saroj Kumar Sahu
15:50 15:55 Nepal Air Monitoring and Source Testing Experiment (NAMaSTE)   Prakash Bhave
15:55 16:00 Development of National Emissions Inventory for Turkey   Alper Unal
16:00 16:15 Session discussion    
16:15 16:30 Poster Presenter Introductions: Inventories and Trends    



Inventories and Trends, Poster Session

  Chairs: Greet Janssens-Maenhout, Zbigniew Klimont, Terry Keating
    Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Vehicles in China during CAREBEIJING    Da Pan
    Development and application of EIMS: An emission inventory processing software   Yaqiang Wang
    Global Thermal Power Plants Database: Unit-Based CO2, SO2, NOX and PM2.5 Emissions in 2010   Dan Tong
    Assessment of emissions from transport sector of Azerbaijan [report]   Sadig Hasanov
    Impact of NO2 and CO emission changes on atmospheric composition between 1980 and 2010    Thierno Doumbia
    Comparison of the biomass burning emissions over the 20th century and recent years   Katerina Sindelarova (Presented by Thierno Doumbia)
    Impacts of biomass burning on regional air quality: a case study in Yangtze River Delta   Ying Xie
    A novel approach to produce road-level inventories of on-road greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions   James Powell
    Sector-based 2013 non-road mobile source emission inventories and their spatial characteristics in China   Cheng Li
    The burned area product for climate and assessments from the ESA Fire CCI project   Johannes Kaiser
    Characterizing PM2.5 Emissions in an Urban Subarctic Environment    Wenxian Zhang (Presented by Chengzhi Wu)
    Updated trends in energy-related black carbon and carbon monoxide emissions:improved technology model and observational constraints   Tami Bond
    Long-term trend of air pollutants emissions in Japan   Jun-Ichi Kurokawa (Presented by Toshimasa Ohara)
18:00 20:00 Conference Dinner    

Thursday 19 November 2015

7:30 8:30 Registration    



Reports from GEIA Working Groups & International Partnerships

  Chairs: Greg Frost, Paulette Middleton
8:30 8:40 China WG - East Asia Emissions Assessment (EA2)   Qiang Zhang
8:40 8:50 Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds (NMVOC) Emissions WG   Erika von Schneidemesser
8:50 9:00 Latin America/Caribbean WG - New emission scenarios for air pollutants and methane for Latin America and Caribbean   Zbigniew Klimont
9:00 9:10 Urban WG - Understanding Emissions in Urban Areas   Leonor Tarrasón
9:10 9:20 UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook 6   Terry Keating
9:20 9:30 Report from International Global Atmospheric Chemistry Project (IGAC)   Greg Frost
9:30 9:40 Report from Integrated Land Ecosystem Atmosphere Process Study (iLEAPS)   Alex Guenther
9:40 9:50 Session discussion    
9:50 10:20 Break    



Top-Down Emissions Analyses, Oral Session 1

  Chairs: Johannes Kaiser, Toshimasa Ohara, Beatriz Cardenas
10:20 10:25 Theme Introduction: Top-Down Emissions Analyses   Session Chairs
10:25 10:35 Top-Down Emissions Studies using Atmospheric Observations and Modeling   Greg Frost
10:35 10:40 Fast emission estimates for rapidly changing economies constrained by satellite observations   Bas Mijling
10:40 10:45 Ammonia Distributions and Recent Trends by Thirteen-year AIRS Measurements   Juying Warner
10:45 10:50 VIIRS Nighttime Lights: Creating the Next Generation of Global Remotely-Sensed Nighttime Lights Products From VIIRS Day/Night Band (DNB) Data   Chris Elvidge (Presented by Tom Oda)
10:50 10:55 The use of satellite data for mapping fossil fuel CO2 emissions at multiple scales   Tom Oda
10:55 11:10 Session discussion    



Top-Down Emissions Analyses, Oral Session 2

  Chairs: Johannes Kaiser, Toshimasa Ohara, Beatriz Cardenas
11:10 11:15 Monitoring And Assessment Of Regional Air Quality In China Using Space Observations (MARCOPOLO)   Ronald Van der A
11:15 11:20 Bottom-up and top-down estimates of ammonia emissions over China   Lin Zhang
11:20 11:25 Evaluation of emission inventory of air pollutants for Nanjing   Yu Zhao
11:25 11:30 Inverse modeling of emissions over Beijing-Hebel-Tianjin areas: Nested Air Quality Prediction Modeling System (NAQPMS) coupled with an ensemble Kalman Filter   Zifa Wang
11:30 11:35 A Novel Method to Analyzing NO2 Spatiotemporal Variability Over Eastern China   Yuchen Wang
11:35 11:40 Quantitative analysis of uncertainty in sector-based emission factors   Junyu (Allen) Zheng
11:40 11:55 Session discussion    
11:55 13:10 Lunch    



Top-Down Emissions Analyses, Oral Session 3

  Chairs: Johannes Kaiser, Toshimasa Ohara, Beatriz Cardenas
13:10 13:20 Aircraft eddy covariance direct flux measurements   Alex Guenther
13:20 13:25 Inverse modeling of carbon fluxes over East Asia based on Lagrangian transport and dispersion model   Aijun Ding
13:25 13:30 Large-scale impact of East-Asian SO2 emissions – results from recent aircraft observations   Hans Schlager
13:30 13:35 Analyzing the spatial and temporal variability of the composition of anthropogenic VOC urban emissions from observations: a basis for the CMIP historical emission inventory   Agnès Borbon
13:35 13:40 VOCs Emissions from Vehicle Evaporative Processes   Huan Liu
13:40 13:45 Measurement of In-Use Passenger Vehicle Emissions in Three Urban Areas of Developing Nations   Mauricio Osses
13:45 14:00 Session discussion    
14:00 14:10 Poster Presenter Introductions: Top-Down Emissions Analyses    



Top-Down Emissions Analyses, Poster Session

  Chairs: Johannes Kaiser, Toshimasa Ohara, Beatriz Cardenas
    Improved understanding of global CO emissions with HIPPO and two-way modeling   Yingying Yan
    Decoupling resolution of gridded emissions and downscaling spatial proxies: case study for the Jing-Jin-Ji region in China   Bo Zheng
    On-road emission characteristics of VOCs from vehicles in Beijing, China   Zhiliang Yao
    Characterization of Road Freight Transportation  and its impact on the National Emissions Inventory in China   Huan Liu
    Inverse modeling of toluene emissions in the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong using atmospheric measurements   Xuekun Fang
    Comparison of GEOS-Chem aerosol optical depth with AERONET and MISR data over the contiguous United States   Liangfu Chen
    Revisiting Real World Emission Factors for Biomass burning, Biofuels and Mobile Sources   Benjamin Guinot
    Urban measurements of NMVOCs and a comparison to their representation in emission inventories   Erika von Schneidemesser
    Emission factors of nonmethane volatile organic compounds from burning of China crop residues   Hiroshi Tanimoto (Presented by Kohei Ikeda)
    Ambient Air Monitoring – What are the right tools for the job?   Rui Li
    Passive monitoring – A guide to sorbent tube sampling for EPA Method 325   Caroline Widdowson
    Inverse estimation of California methane emissions and their uncertainties using FLEXPART-WRF    Yuyan Cui
    Identification of Gas Flares by means of BIRD images   Alexandre Caseiro
    POMINO: Improved satellite NO2 retrieval and implications for NOx emission constraints   Mengyao Liu
    Satellite-based constraints on NOx emissions from anthropogenic area sources   Meng Li
    NOx lifetime and emissions of hotspots in polluted background estimated by satellite observations   Fei Liu
15:30 16:00 Break    



Science-Policy Discussion: How can new emissions understanding be better applied to improve policy and decision making around the world?

  Chairs: Greg Frost, Leonor Tarrasón, Paulette Middleton



Demonstration of ECCAD, the GEIA Emissions Database Portal

  Cathy Liousse



Demonstration of the Community Emissions Data System (CEDS) for Historical Emissions

  Steven Smith
18:00 20:00 Conference Reception    

Friday 20 November 2015

7:30 8:30 Registration    



Impacts and Scenarios, Oral Session 1

  Chairs: Cathy Liousse, Alex Guenther, Ute Skiba
8:30 8:35 Theme Introduction: Impacts and Scenarios   Session Chairs
8:35 8:45 Health and climate dual impact of African anthropogenic combustion aerosol emission change in 2030   Cathy Liousse
8:45 8:50 Air quality impacts of electric vehicle in Taiwan   Nan Li
8:50 8:55 Reducing Residential Solid Fuel Burning Emissions in South Africa   Roelof Burger
8:55 9:00 Emissions and Mitigation Scenarios for Residential Combustion of Solid Fuels    Tami Bond
9:00 9:05 Emissions Understanding and the Global Energy System Transformation   Paulette Middleton
9:05 9:20 Session discussion    



Impacts and Scenarios, Oral Session 2

  Chairs: Cathy Liousse, Alex Guenther, Ute Skiba
9:20 9:30 Emissions Scenarios for Effective Policies: China’s SO2 control   Yuxuan Wang
9:30 9:35 Revisiting of China‘s carbon emissions   Zhu Liu
9:35 9:40 Impact assessment of anthropogenic emission control upon aerosol mass burden during heavy pollution episodes over North China Plain    Meigen Zhang
9:40 9:45 Air Pollutant Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources in China: Current Status and Future Projections   Shuxiao Wang
9:45 9:50 VOC species and emission inventory from vehicles and their SOA formation potentials estimation in Shanghai, China   Huang Cheng
9:50 9:55 Update of the Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds Emission Inventory and Its Application in the Improvement of Ozone Modeling Results in Yangtze River Delta Region, China   Li (Lily) Li
9:55 10:00 Global Sources and Transport of Air Pollution: A Chinese Case   Jintai Lin
10:00 10:15 Session discussion    
10:15 10:45 Break    
10:45 10:50 Poster Presenter Introductions: Impacts and Scenarios    



Impacts and Scenarios, Poster Session

  Chairs: Cathy Liousse, Alex Guenther, Ute Skiba
    Future Emissions of Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gases over East Asia   Younha Kim
    High Temporal and Spatial Resolution Chinese power plant Industry Emission Inventory, 2014   Xin Bo
    Urbanization of Chengdu in the past 13 years: Changes in air pollution source apportionments   Miao Feng
    China’s international trade and air pollution: 2000 - 2009   Ruijing Ni
    Economic Impacts of Health Costs Induced by Air Pollution in China   Yang Xia
    Modeling the Regional Impacts of Cookstove Emissions on Air Quality in Western China   Scott Archer-Nicholls
    Cities as positive actors on GHG emission mitigation in China   Yao Yang
    Revealing the hidden health costs embodied in Chinese exports   Xujia Jiang
    Spatial and Temporal Evaluation of USEPA NATA Database for Environmental Equity Analysis in Cook County, IL   Cynthia Cordova-Orellana
    Development of a coupled biogenic emission module in an earth system model   Jingqiu Mao



Concluding Session

  Leonor Tarrasón