Latin America and Caribbean GEIA Working Group

Contacts: GEIA Scientific Steering Committee Member Nicolas Huneeus, Laura Dawidowski, Néstor Rojas

Priorities of the LAC-GEIA Working Group are:

•       Building/developing/improvement of emission inventories considering specific conditions in Latin America, for each sector with high spatial resolution in particular for cities.

•       Build a community where information, data, knowledge and experience can be exchanged contributing to the development/improvement/evaluation of inventories.

•       Evaluate and check consistency of inventories and base information.

•       Create a regional unified database including all information (inventories and base information) and provide the tools to access it. Develop strategies to overcome information shortage.

•       Identify key areas of needed research for emissions estimation for South America.

•       Create a link to decision makers, public policy and funding institutions.

The WG will also inform GEIA’s global emissions community about the best and latest emissions information in the region, and provide stronger connections between the global and regional atmospheric scientific and policy communities.