GEIA Africa Emissions Working Group

Contacts : GEIA Scientific Steering Committee Member Cathy Liousse, Mogesh Naidoo, Sekou Keita


GEIA’s Africa Emissions WG is promoting community efforts in emission development for Africa. The working group consists of a list of members, which is in construction, to create a network on emissions with strong connections between experts (African and non-African) on African emissions, representatives of international groups and projects such as IGAC, IGAC-Africa ANGA, WMO, ILEAPS, AMIGO, MAP-AQ, IBBI, DEBITS, PASMU, LIA-ARSAIO etc .. and regional decision makers. The WG is currently planning 

-       To evaluate African-specific emission inventories.

-       To consider specific emissions in Africa, for each sector from regional to city spatial resolution.

-       To create a regional database including local informations on fuel activity and consumption, emission factors and emission inventories. This database will deal with sources for present, historical and future emissions including mitigation scenario.

-       To develop a continental wide African emission inventory, with the most recent DACCIWA inventory as a baseline and local informations. 

-       To organize training sessions on emissions in Africa

GEIA Africa emissions working group - 1st On-Line Meeting 2022 January 14 - Introduction & Recording

The main objectives for this meeting are (1) to meet each other (at least virtually) (2) to find principal investigators (PI) for each country in Africa and (3) to discuss planned activities of the GEIA-AFE working group for the year 2022. For example, the first activity that we propose after this virtual meeting is to ask to each PI to report on the existing works related to emissions in their country. These short reports could be presented in a second virtual meeting in the middle of the year.

AFE On-Line Meeting Recording

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