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Stubble Burning – India – VOCs – Vinayak Sinha - June 2021

" Gridded 1 km × 1 km emission inventory for paddy stubble burning emissions over north-west India constrained by measured emission factors of 77 VOCs and district-wise crop yield data"

• This is the first 1 km × 1 km gridded emission paddy residue burning emission inventory of 77 speciated VOCs and criteria air pollutants from the region

• Emissions of paddy stubble burning were 20 times greater than traffic and waste burning sources during October-November (Table 3 of the paper)

• Furaldehyde was a major new emission that was completely missing from existing inventories.

• Emission factors were measured for both flaming and smoldering stage fires for 77 VOCs from paddy fire smoke 

Here is a link to freely download the paper:

Also provided are the EI data in the supplement district-wise for easy access to readers.

Dr. Vinayak Sinha

Associate Professor 

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER) , Mohali,
Sector 81, S A S Nagar, Manauli PO Punjab 140306