CIERA: Community Initiative for Emissions Research and Applictions

The Community Initiative for Emissions Research and Applications, CIERA, was a demonstration project that developed the infrastructure and expertise for interoperability in emissions data and tools. CIERA worked to catalyze emissions research by facilitating:

  • the consistent, timely, and transparent development of emissions inventories at all scales;
  • evaluations and analyses of emissions datasets; and
  • the exchange and communication of emissions information.


CIERA was supported by the US EPA as part of the CyAir project. In March 2013, CIERA was fully integrated with GEIA. Innovations in interoperable data sets and analysis tools and access to bibliographic information that were developed by CIERA have been incorporated into GEIA's web portal. Members of the CIERA development team continue to work on these issues through efforts such as ECCAD and the GEO AQ CoP.


CIERA Development Team:

Gregory J. Frost NOAA/ESRL & Univ. Colorado/CIRES, Boulder, Colorado
Stefan Falke Northrop Grumman, Arlington, Virginia
Claire Granier Université Pierre et Marie Curie, CNRS/INSU, LATMOS-IPSL, Paris, France; NOAA/ESRL & CU/CIRES, Boulder, Colorado
Ann Keane NOAA/ESRL, Boulder, Colorado
Terry Keating EPA/OAR, Washington, DC
Jean-François Lamarque NCAR, Boulder, Colorado
Megan L. Melamed IGAC International Project Office, JISAO, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Paulette Middleton Panorama Pathways, Boulder, Colorado
Gabrielle Pétron NOAA/ESRL & Univ. Colorado/CIRES, Boulder, Colorado
Steven J. Smith DOE/PNNL & Univ. Maryland/JGCRI, College Park, Maryland