GEIA 2019
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GEIA 2019 - now GEIA 2020 Web Conference - View the Webinar

Thanks to our virtual conference partner University of Chile --- No Registration Fee

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View18th GEIA Conference Highlights

13 – 15 September 2017, University of Hamburg, Germany

COVID Impacts on Atmosphere
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COVID Impacts

Workshop on COVID Impacts on Atmospheric Chemistry

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Making emissions data more accessible

The ECCAD-GEIA portal provides access to global and regional inventories in a consistent format.

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GEIA Working Groups

GEIA Working Groups help advance understanding in specific topic areas.

About GEIA

Quantification of chemical emissions into the air is a key step in explaining observed variability and trends in atmospheric composition and in attributing these observed changes to their causes on local to global scales. Accurate emissions data are necessary to identify feasible controls that reduce adverse impacts associated with air quality and climate, to track the success of implemented policies, and to estimate future impacts. GEIA is a community effort that builds bridges between environmental science and policy, by bringing together people, data, and tools to create and communicate the highest quality information about emissions. GEIA seeks to enhance access to emissions data, facilitate analysis to improve the scientific basis for emissions information, and strengthen the emissions community.

19th GEIA Conference - Now GEIA 2020 Web Conference

GEIA 2020 Web Conference

View the Conference Video Recording  Here  https://youtu.be/dCa7PrMaO8k

Webinar  was June 23 at 12:00 – 14:00 UTC

We invite you to visit the Santiago Virtual Platform on the GEIA2019 web site http://www.geia2019.cl/wp/  to view all of the presentation materials and ask your questions through the Chat online.You can ask questions to individual presenters and to the theme chairs.on the theme topics  The platform will be open for questions until the end of 2020.
The conference summary was recently published in the IGAC Newsletter.  

GEIA Executive CommitteeGreg Frost,Leonor TarrasónPaulette MiddletonClaire Granier

Local Organizing Committee:Nicolas HuneeusSusana Bustos,Sebastián TolvettMichelle Ferrer


GEIA 2022 Conference

Brussels Belgium  19-22 September 2022