N2O: aquatic and marine gridded emission inventories

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Tom Roche
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I'm a student seeking to model atmospheric N2O over North America (specifically AQMEII-NA), as detailed here. While evaluating gridded EIs (gEIs) over this domain, it seemed

  • the only available gEI for the marine source is (the original) "GEIA ocea"--at least, this was available @ http://geiacenter.org/presentData/n2o.html, but I can't find it currently. (I'll post separately about that.) My problem with the "GEIA ocea" gEI was, it had apparently not been updated since 1995.
  • there was no available freshwater gEI, for, e.g., estuaries, lakes, and rivers.

So I'm wondering, am I missing something? Is there a newer gEI for oceanic N2O, or any gEI for aquatic N2O?