GEIA Africa Emissions Working Group

Contacts : GEIA Scientific Steering Committee Member Cathy Liousse, Mogesh Naidoo, Sekou Keita

GEIA’s Africa Emissions WG is promoting community efforts in emission development for Africa. The working group consists of a list of members, which is in construction, to create a network on emissions with strong connections between experts (African and non-African) on African emissions, representatives of international groups and projects such as IGAC, IGAC-Africa ANGA, WMO, ILEAPS, AMIGO, MAP-AQ, IBBI, DEBITS, PASMU, LIA-ARSAIO etc .. and regional decision makers. The WG is currently planning 

-       To evaluate African-specific emission inventories.

-       To consider specific emissions in Africa, for each sector from regional to city spatial resolution.

-       To create a regional database including local informations on fuel activity and consumption, emission factors and emission inventories. This database will deal with sources for present, historical and future emissions including mitigation scenario.

-       To develop a continental wide African emission inventory, with the most recent DACCIWA inventory as a baseline and local informations. 

-       To organize training sessions on emissions in Africa