ECCAD, Legacy Data, HTAP Version 2, Interoperability, and Bibliography

 ECCAD - GEIA portal

provides access to global and regional inventories in a consistent format and to ancillary information used to produce these data sets, along with easy-to-use visualization and analysis tools.  The new ECCAD database portal will be online in late 2015.

Legacy Data 

Inventories and Emission Reviews Summaries produced mainly before 2005.

HTAP Version 2

GEIA is serving as a portal for this widely used database.

Interoperability -

GEIA is working to advance accessibility to emissions data and observations by improving how databases interact with each other and building on evolving interoperability efforts.

Bibliography -

Coming soon! GEIA is building a searchable data base of emissions literature that includes journal articles, reports, and other information on emissions.