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19thGEIA Conference

The Global Emission Initiative and Accelerating Social Transformations


GEIA 2020 Web Conference


GEIA 2020 Web Conference Information

Webinar June 23 at 12:00 – 14:00 UTC

Webinars cannot replace our face-to-face conferences, but we try to share our reflections on-line

The strength of our GEIA Conferences lies on the interactions and scientific discussions among colleagues and the lessons we learn from such exchanges. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to try alternative on-line communication methods to replace the GEIA Conference in 2020. 

Recognizing that online conferences and webinars are not the optimal format for stimulating scientific interaction, we propose to meet instead to share our reflections on the scientific materials that have been compiled in preparation to the conference.

We invite to join us in a reflection about the highlights of the GEIA 2020 emission work.

The GEIA 2020 conference invites you to an on-line discussion experiment and proposes that you be involved at your own pace from June 8th when the Conference website will include all presentations and materials in the agenda. 

1)     You are invited to read and review the agenda materials any time from June 8th

2)      You are invited to send your questions and comments from June 8th until June 20th

3)     You are invited to participate in the 2-hour webinar on June 23th when the conference theme chairs will present the highlights of each session and engage in a reflection of main questions you have provided.  

GoToWebinar Invites will be sent to everyone registered for the Webinar by June 20.

Registration   If you have not yet sent in your registration materials to paulette@panoramapathways.net, please do so by June 7. You need to send in your Name, Affiliation, and Country. 

Conference Follow Up

All presentation materials plus the webinar and full set of Q&A will be available online on GEIA web sites. Webinar attendees are invited to contact presenters directly with additional questions about their work.


For presentationn materials and other information, please visitt the Conference web site: GEIA2019

GEIA Executive CommitteeGreg Frost,Leonor TarrasónPaulette MiddletonClaire Granier

Local Organizing Committee:Nicolas HuneeusSusana Bustos,Sebastián TolvettMichelle Ferrer