GEIA Organization

GEIA is managed by the GEIA Executive Committee working together with the full GEIA Scientific Steering Committee on all GEIA activities.  GEIA has active Working Groups; close partnerships with other emissions related groups, particularly IGAC and iLEAPS; and email connect with over 1800 members of the GEIA Network.  


GEIA Executive Committee

Co-Chairs:  Gregory Frost and Leonor Tarrasón

Network Manager:  Paulette Middleton

Database Manager:  Claire Granier

The GEIA Executive Committee guides the direction of GEIA, and leads all aspects of GEIA information access, analysis, and outreach.  The Committee meets frequently throughout the year.  

GEIA Scientific Steering Committee  2014-2018

The full GEIA Scientific Steering Committee is responsible for enhancing working groups and partnerships, advancing research and outreach on emissions, and providing leadership for GEIA conferences and other meetings.  The GSSC meets via conference calls, and has face to face meetings at GEIA Conferences and other key emission related events. 

The GSSC represents all major scientific themes, regions of the world, and partnerships.

Leonor Tarrason (Chair) NILU
Greg Frost (Chair) NOAA
Alexander Baklanov WMO
Beatriz Cardenas Mexico City Secretary of Environment
Hugo Denier van der Gon TNO
Claire Granier (Database Manager) CNRS, UPMC
Greet Janssens-Maenhout JRC, EDGAR
Johannes Kaiser MPI for Chemistry
Terry Keating EPA
Zbigniew Klimont IIASA
Catherine Liousse Laboratoire d'Aerologie
Paulette Middleton (Network Manager) Panorama Pathways
Ute Skiba CEH UK
Yuxuan Wang Tsinghua University

Three new SSC members were added September 2017

Nicolos Huneeus  Center for Climate and Resilience Research  Chile

Allison Steiner  University of Michigan  USA

Erika von Scheidermesser  Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies  Germany