GEIA 2019
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GEIA 2019 - now GEIA 2020 Web Conference - Join Us Online

Thanks to our virtual conference partner University of Chile --- No Registration Fee

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Read the highlights of GEIA activities at the 2016 IGAC Conference.

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View18th GEIA Conference Highlights

13 – 15 September 2017, University of Hamburg, Germany

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GEIA 2015 Conference

Influence of Urbanization on Emissions Worldwide 18-20 November 2015 Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

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Making emissions data more accessible

The ECCAD-GEIA portal provides access to global and regional inventories in a consistent format.

About GEIA

Quantification of chemical emissions into the air is a key step in explaining observed variability and trends in atmospheric composition and in attributing these observed changes to their causes on local to global scales. Accurate emissions data are necessary to identify feasible controls that reduce adverse impacts associated with air quality and climate, to track the success of implemented policies, and to estimate future impacts. GEIA is a community effort that builds bridges between environmental science and policy, by bringing together people, data, and tools to create and communicate the highest quality information about emissions. GEIA seeks to enhance access to emissions data, facilitate analysis to improve the scientific basis for emissions information, and strengthen the emissions community.

19th GEIA Conference - Now GEIA 2020 Web Conference



19thGEIA Conference

The Global Emission Initiative and Accelerating Social Transformations


GEIA 2020 Web Conference

Agenda will be posted April 20

To Register,please email Paulette@panoramapathways.net before May 1


After needing to postpone our conference last October, and then cancelling the in person conference scheduled for April due to the global pandemic, the organizing committee is happy to announce the GEIA 2020 Web Conference.

The GEIA 2020 Web Conference is intended as alternative experiment for scientific discussion and cooperation in the difficult times were are now experiencing.
The format of the Web Conference will be naturally different from a full scale in person conference.  The organizing committee is committed to honoring the work that many have already done in preparation for GEIA 2019, recognizing that interactions and scientific discussions are the most essential part of any conference. Therefore, the format of the Web Conference will be linked to our GEIA 2019 conference web site that will include the following three elements:  a) submitted conference participant abstracts, presentations, and videos to be available in the Conference web site, following an agenda  that will be circulated to you all on May 1st, b) 2 on-line live webinars summarizing theme findings with Q&A; and c) summary document containing the looking forward message from the GEIA Scientific Steering Committee.
The core of the GEIA Web Conference will be the 2 on-line webinars that will take place on June 23th and June 24th.
At these on line webinars, we plan to host discussions and summaries of the main findings for each of our 4 planned GEIA conference themes. The theme moderators will provide overall summaries of the main findings for each of the 4 themes of the Conference and open for questions and answers by the participants. Each webinar is expected to be 2 hours long.
  • June 23rd - GEIA 2020 Web Conference – Part I - The first on-line webinar will include summaries and discussion on Theme 1: “Natural Sources, Fires, Dust and Agriculture” and Theme 2: “Top-down Emissions and satellite Analyses”.
  • June 24th - GEIA 2020 Web Conference – Part II - The second on-line webinar will include summaries and discussion on Theme 3: “Development of Integrated Inventories & Evaluation of Air Quality Models” and Theme 4: “Climate change and Air quality Assessments”
To allow for meaningful discussions at the GEIA Web Conference, participants from the GEIA Network will be able to review postings of abstracts, power points, posters, and video presentations that will be made available online at the GEIA2019 Conference website by Monday June 8th .  You will be kindly invited to provide questions to the moderators before June 15th  so that these may be taken up as part of the open discussions per theme at the Web Conference live online webinars.
After the Web Conference, based on the GEIA 2019 presentations, discussions, and other input from GEIA working groups, the GEIA Scientific Steering Committee will prepare a wrap up looking forward statement which will be posted on the web site and shared with the Network after the webinars on July 3rd.
Further details on the organization of the GEIA Web Conference  and the timing of the webinars will be sent to you by May 1st .
In the meanwhile, we would like to know of your interest and  possible contribution for the proposed GEIA Web Conference.  We are aware that these are difficult times and that the preparation of a Web Conference requires an additional effort by the GEIA network. Therefore, we would be very thankful if you could let us know what we can realistically expect from you at this stage. In order to allow for meaningful discussion and the planned webinars, we need to collect conference materials to post on the Conference website. The materials we are tentatively requesting are: a) the abstracts of our presentations/posters; b) the actual posters and presentation materials- -1 pdf slide for posters and 6 slides in pdf  format for oral presentations and c) a short video with the actual presentations – a 1 minute video for posters and 5 minute video for oral presentations. 
You are kindly asked to  respond by sending us an email with your responses to the following:
  • Name:
  • I plan to participate at the GEIA 2020 WEB Conference in June                                                                                                                  (Y/N)
  • I  allow for my existing abstract to be published in the Conference website  in PDF                                                                                          (Y/N)
  • I agree to prepare a full poster (1 slide) /oral presentation  (6 slides) and will send it for publication in PDF format before May 8th               (Y/N)
  • I agree to prepare a video (5 minute for oral -1 minute for posters) for publication in m4v format and will do so before May 8th               (Y/N)
  • I wish to send a new abstract for consideration to be included in the final Web Conference agenda and will do so by April 15th                 (Y/N)
Please note that we will notify you by April 20 if your new abstract will be included as a poster or oral  presentation. If you were not able to submit an abstract for GEIA 2019 before, we welcome your participation for the Web Conference. 
For your information, here are the draft Agenda and Schedule for submittting materials.
Please send your response to the above questions to paulette@panoramapathways.net by April 15th noting that, if you are planning a new abstract submission, it should be submitted April 15
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards
Paulette Middleton, Greg Frost, Leonor Tarrason, Nicolas Huneeus, Cathy Leal-Liousse
GEIA 2019 Conference Organizing Committee




Conference web site: GEIA2019

GEIA Executive CommitteeGreg Frost,Leonor TarrasónPaulette MiddletonClaire Granier

Local Organizing Committee:Nicolas HuneeusSusana Bustos,Sebastián TolvettMichelle Ferrer